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#159242 Cemitas Poblanas Tepeaca

Posted by Pambazo! on 03 July 2012 - 09:44 AM in Portland Carts & Trucks

Sounds like it is worth a try and a drive out to Hillsboro... no papalo no real queso is a bummer but sounds like they still manage to put out a good product.

#157188 Taco Truck Directory

Posted by Pambazo! on 06 April 2012 - 05:09 PM in Portland Carts & Trucks

Taqueria Antojitos Yucateco
10175 SE Stark St
Ala Carts Parking Lot
Portland, OR 97216
Neighborhood: Hazelwood

Yucatan style Mexican food.
I tried a few different items and one stood well above the rest.  Panuchos! Amazing. For this one item it is worth making a trip. My wife and I spend a lot of time in the Yucatan, specifically Merida and the surrounding area.  We love the people, the landscape and of course the food.  They have a very distinct style from the rest of Mexico.  Panuchos are made from handmade tortillas, when they heat on the griddle they puff up, they open a small hole on the edge of the tortilla were they put a spoonful of black beans inside the center of the tortilla and it flattened out.  Fried on the griddle until crispy, served similar to a tostada or taco.  Garnished with your choice of meat I suggest the cochinita pibil, slow roasted pork, marinated in achiote and covered in banana leaves while cooking.

Posted Image

Not the best picture... tastes better than it looks in this photo. Like I said you rarely find these outside of the Yucatan, and almost never are the done well.  Taqueria Yucateco does them well.  

I had a few other things, they were fine but don't compare to the Panucho.  I had a taco and tamal, the taco was OK, C and the tamal was B- maybe C+... Haven't tried anything else there.

#157162 Taco Truck Directory

Posted by Pambazo! on 05 April 2012 - 09:04 PM in Portland Carts & Trucks

The recommendation of Cocina de Chepe was spot on! Some of the best pupusas I have had anywhere, great guy and his cooks are very nice ladies.  All around great experience.


The best pupusas I've had -- and I think I've had them all -- are at Cocina de Chepe.  See here:


I've got more pictures to put up some time and more dishes to recommend when I get a chance.  A very close second place would be La Guanaquita. See here: http://wweek.com/por...uest.html.  I thought there was discussion in one of the threads here, but I must have mostly saved it for the article.

btw, there is more on the Oregon Flea Market and La Tapatia in this thread going back a couple years:


#157073 Taco Truck Directory

Posted by Pambazo! on 03 April 2012 - 03:23 PM in Portland Carts & Trucks

Awesome thanks! I haven't had good pupusas since moving here from LA in 2010.

#157069 Taco Truck Directory

Posted by Pambazo! on 03 April 2012 - 02:23 PM in Portland Carts & Trucks

Nick, they are two set up in the parking lot. One at the front of the parking lot on the edge of Stark St. it is in a trailer, and the other is in the back of the parking lot along the side of the flea market main building, it is more of a tent.  Both are really good, we preferred the one in the trailer at front of the parking lot.

It is the closest thing I have found to the swap meets in LA.  (The best of which is the Alameda Swap Meet.) You can find Elotes, Esquites and other tasty snacks. Most of the eltotes and esquites, are all good, only one lady does Esquites right, she is the one that sells them out of the back of her mini-van, she prepares it with epazote, the other ladies don't.  For me it makes a difference.  We have tried several different tamale vendors there and all were pretty bad.  The only one that was worth having again were the sweet tamales from Las Tarascas, the taco truck... there tamales saladas aren't great.

Hey Nick, where can I find really good pupusas?

#157059 Taco Truck Directory

Posted by Pambazo! on 03 April 2012 - 01:07 PM in Portland Carts & Trucks

Lochera Las Tarascas - 18330 Southeast Stark Street, Portland, OR 97233

This is one of my favorite taco stands.  My wife is from Mexico City, we spent the first 15 years of our marriage in Southern California, after moving here we have had a hard time finding the kind of foods and especially tacos that were abundant in SoCal.  We have tried a lot of different places, unfortunately there are more bad to mediocre taco stands than good ones. Thanks to ExtraMSG he got me started with a few good recommendations, including his own Mi Mero Mole, MMM is offal good!

Posted Image

Las Tarascas is currently our favorite taco stand.  We went to a latin market "La Tapatia" 18330 Southeast Stark Street, Portland great little market, they sell the absolute best chorizo outside of Mexico. In the front corner of the parking lot is a where Las Tarascas is located. Nices guys around, appears to be an elderly father and his son running the place. They are very friendly and eager to please. The more we showed interest in their food the more samples they'd give us.  They are proud of the food they make and enjoy people enjoying themselves. When we fist went I ordered 2 al pastor, 1 tripas and one barbacoa (de Res).

Posted Image

They have one the of best Al Pastor tacos I have had here in the area, they only really cook it on the vertical spit on the weekend, and while that is the best way they it is really good regardless.  They don't have the pineapple on top of the spit like some places in Mexico, I wish they did but still no complaints.  The "tripas" were perfect, crispy, slight chew and creamy, tripas are one of my favorite tacos to order, that is the first thing I look for whenever I go to a new taco place. The barbacoa was good too, different than what I have had before, apparently this is in the Michoacn style, that is cooked in a red chili sauce.  It is really good, kind of like Barbacoa, makes for very succulent tacos.

The salsas while the basic fare are very good, they have on hand onions and habaneros marinated in lime that make for a great topping on your tacos. They also have from time to time consum a broth from when they made the barbacoa, it is really good! You should ask for it, each time we wen they gave us a small Styrofoam coffee cup full of it for free, it was really good.

If you are ever in the area I'd recommend you try them. Great people, great food and sure thing.

#155678 Nong's Khao Man Gai

Posted by Pambazo! on 16 February 2012 - 12:42 AM in Portland Carts & Trucks

I went to Nong's today. I agree with many of Nick's points in his original post. I however enjoy the mild flavors, I usually go for more intensely flavored food but this was really good.  I ordered the Piset, the chicken was very moist, the rice was perfect, soft, slight chew to it and not clumping or stuck together.  I got the optional chicken livers and ordered friend chicken skin. Favorite thing was dip the skin into the sauce... wow.

I really liked the food, and I think they make this dish to perfection but it isn't the kind of thing I crave often.  That being said, great cart, friendly people working it and they take a lot of pride in what they do.  I highly recommend this cart.  Many of the carts I have tried have been very disappointing. This one was great.

As my friend and I were waiting for the food we were enticed to order a couple of Korean BBQ taco's from the cart next to Nong's.  That was pretty disappointing.  They are not even close to Koi Fussion's or other ones I have had in other cities.

#153283 Mi Mero Mole

Posted by Pambazo! on 21 November 2011 - 10:23 AM in Restaurants in Portland

My wife and I went Sunday night around 6. I agree it was a little confusing when you get inside as to where to order and what the protocol is but I am sure that has everything to do with the soft opening, even still we figured it out.

My wife was born and raised in Mexico City and we go back frequently so we were pretty excited get the news of your restaurant concept.  I think over all we had an excellent experience and look forward to when you guys are open.  We ordered every taco on the menu to try, didn't get any lengua I think our order got messed up but didn't think I should bother complaining since I am sure there was a lot going on. I was looking forward to those so I hope you'll have them on the menu once you open.  The tortillas made to order were amazing, loved them! The salsas were very good, needed a little more kick for me, diced onions and cilantro would be good to have with the salsa, I love the freshness and crunch they add.  The nopales were one of my favorites, as were the albondigas.

The rice was very over cooked and mushy and I don't think it is needed on most of the tacos anyway. Most tacos de guisado I am familiar with aren't served with rice in them. It might be helpful to have those little paper squares ubiquitous at Mexican taco stands, to help keep the taco from falling apart, but hey I don't mind a messy taco if it is delicious!

Albondigas - I think the rice works here, it is reminiscent of the way we eat albondigas, I don't think the fire roasted tomatoes served the recipe well, maybe it is my bias but when I take a bite and close my eyes seems more like an Italian meatball not a Mexican albondiga. Even so it was very tasty! In my experience the tomato sauce is far more subtle in Mexico with albondigas.
Bistec - Sauce was good, for me could use a little more kick from chili, the meat was a little tough.
Huevo con Pipin Verde - wasn't sure I'd like this with egg but it worked! More chili like Guajillo/Ancho maybe to kick it up a bit nuts were more prominent that I am used to.
Hongos - Worked! Not usually a big fan of veg options but was really good!
Nopalitos y Papas: The nopales were really good! could be stewed in more salsa maybe but liked it a lot... Rice really hurt this one IMO.

The salsas were pretty mild and somewhat under seasoned, the avocado salsa and the one the looked like salsa de arbol were the better ones.

You need to have Chicarron c/ salsa verde, Tinga, Carne de puerco c/ verdolagas en salsa verde to name a few... lol you made me hungry for this stuff!

I don't want to give the impression I wasn't happy with my food, I was.  I am grateful for going to your dry run it was a lot of fun. I am a big fan of what you are doing! I look forward to many visits.