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Kenny & Zuke's Seeking Counter/Host/Runner Help

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Posted 06 February 2009 - 02:01 AM

I'm looking for someone for part-time help as a host/busser/runner, plus possibly some take-out counter shifts, along with possible shifts at SandwichWorks once it opens. I thought I'd post here before opening it up to Craigslist.

This is a jack-of-all-trades floor position that can be a difficult fit. It can be a frustrating and demanding job. You have to make sure people are greeted, that they're given reasonably accurate wait times, and that the tables are juggled in such a way that people are sat most efficiently and fairly. It's like a game of Tetris. People are hungry and you're likely to piss them off just by telling them that, no, they can't seat immediately. If you're really good at your job, you'll make their wait at worst tolerable and at best enjoyable. Meanwhile, you'll be helping servers deliver their food to other customers, running back to restock silverware or start a pot of coffee, then returning to clean and set two tables while customers eye you impatiently. There's no time to relax or stop. For three hours, more on weekends, you're the busiest person in the restaurant. No one is helping you, but everyone wants your help. Your hourly won't be much above minimum, but if you do your job well, the servers will tip you well.

Counter hours are easier, but there are fewer tips. The more you engage customers and show that you give a damn, the more you'll be tipped. But the economy is down and tips are definitely down as well.

No benefits to speak of, just some hefty discounts on food and beverages. You will be working for people who care about their employees and are willing to invest as much in you as you invest in K&Z. We haven't had a lot of turn-over. The bulk of our employees have been here from the beginning. Hopefully that means something.

So, qualifications:

* personable
* hard-working and dependable
* able to leap small children in a single bound
* not afraid to tell a cook that they need to replace cold fries with hot fries
* able to carry five water glasses in one hand
* good at Tetris
* attuned to the sound of anti-digestive iPod playlists
* care about the quality of food and customer experience
* eager to say yes, but able to say no (preferably without the person you say it to figuring out that's what you've said)
* ability to endure working and training with me (this is the toughest part)
* not looking for a job as a server

PM me if interested. Include your resume and explain why you'd be a good fit. Or call me at 503.222.3354.

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