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Posted 01 February 2009 - 01:27 PM

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Oregon Food Bank's Blog for Food campaign starts today and lasts through the month. With unemployment heading towards the double-digits in Oregon, it's important that we as individuals do our part to be a safety net for those who are falling on tough times.

This site wasn't asked to participate, but there's no reason you can't donate in the blog for food campaign anyway. I'd suggest putting "blog for food" or "PortlandFood.org" in the "honor" field in the tribute section. Do what you can. Any amount makes a difference. You don't have to give all at once. Commit to giving $5 a week. It'll add up in a hurry.


This campaign is not the truly important thing. It's just a reminder. The important thing is that you find some way to help and that that help doesn't end in February, but continues as long as there is need. You don't have to donate money. You can donate time at the Oregon Food Bank and other organizations. Hell, you can just sign up for Taste of the Nation and eat and drink your fill for a good cause. If you're a restaurant, you can work with an organization such as Urban Gleaners, which we work with at Kenny & Zuke's. And even if you're just a server or cook at a restaurant, you can implement a program and talk to your managers or owners about allowing a group such as this to use what you might otherwise throw away to feed people.

The point is to take responsibility for your neighbors and fellow Oregonians. You know it's right, so just do it.

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Posted 02 February 2009 - 07:39 AM

Will do!

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