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#1 Kim-Chi

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Posted 07 June 2005 - 05:36 PM

Anybody have a suggestion on the best place to find a wide variety of chilies? I need some heat. Also, if you have any rec's on local restaurants with unusual fiery food I'd be greatful. THANK YOU!

#2 ExtraMSG

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Posted 09 June 2005 - 11:51 PM

I don't know when, but at some point there's a vendor at the Portland Farmers Market that has a wide variety of chiles which they sell fresh or roasted.

If you want dried chiles, you're best off with a Mexican market. (Tortilleria y Tienda de Leon and Su Casa Imports are probably the best locations near Portland.)

But for fresh, I don't think any place is any better than any other. Even Safeway will have serranos, jalapenos, and habeneros, plus perhaps an Asian chile, such as the Thai bird. Toss in some Fresnos (ripened Jalapenos), Anaheim, Poblanos, etc, depending on the time of year. But I haven't found any market where I think, Wow, these guys's chile selection kicks ass.

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#3 Kim-Chi

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Posted 12 June 2005 - 12:03 PM

Well I'll just wait till my plants fruit -- although last year my chilies were few and far between. I use lots of sriracha when the ripe chile selection is boring -- it's my favorite everyday hot sauce. Yesterday stopped in at Typhoon for some heat. Mmm.

For anyone who stays away from buffets at ethnic eateries b/c the spice level is too mild -- I recommend Swagat's lunch buffet -- NW 21st. Most of the curries are a solid medium and deeelicious. And some interesting dishes -- not just daal and bland mixed veg curry. They have lamb kofta, onion pakora curry with pickled veg. and mustard seeds, and FRESH piping hot nan -- not the stale crisps you usually get at Indian buffets. Check it out -- $7.50 or $8 all you can eat.

Thanks for the advice.