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the halal thread

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Posted 26 March 2005 - 02:27 PM


Here's a place for you and others to post their findings on the Halal markets/butchers around Portland.

I just got back from Beaverton Halal Meats on 115th and Canyon Road in Beaverton. It's a cozy store, sells spices, tea, staples, rice and whatnot in addition to the meat. They had some nice looking sweets, big plump golden raisins and a bowl of Turkish Delight. I got some frozen goats' brains to cook up, and also bought a couple pounds of the some great looking mutton: meaty, bony, only a little silverskin etc. Will make a nice biryani. I suspect the pricing might be a bit odd, as I was charged $6.99/pound for the mutton and $3.99/pound for the brains. Seemed a bit expensive.

I stopped in at Bazaar (an Indian grocery) a couple blocks down the street on 103rd to buy the brown mustard oil they carry, and what do you know, they've now added a halal butcher in the back. The price for mutton there was posted at $4.29/pound for the good stuff, but I didn't ask to look at it in person, so I can't judge the quality. Bazaar is a bit of a ramshackle cavern, but next time I need mutton I'm going to where the price is posted.

Also, just to mention, I've gotten frozen mutton from the little halal store next to New Delhi restaurant on Barbur. Wasn't impressed with the quality of the meat there.