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Detroit style pizza

detroit style pizza

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Posted 07 December 2017 - 10:17 AM

I've been obsessed with Detroit pizza. I've never had Detroit pizza in Detroit, in spite of 20 years living in the suburbs and going into the city a couple times a month. My father, who was in the city a couple times a week, never had Detroit pizza. So I'm not really convinced that it's really a thing. Maybe it's just a Buddy's thing?


So, anyways. Went to Scottie's the other day. I love Scotties on general principle. Back when I used to eat out more I thought their slices were the best in the city. Theirs was the first square pan pizza I've tried, and it's still the one I use as the yardstick. Scottie's is still the reigning champion amongst the 2 places I've tried.


Went to East Glisan Pizza the other night. They do Detroit styles Tuesday & Saturday evenings. Pricewise, really quite reasonable for a 4 slice pie. But I came away feeling a little meh about the whole thing. That's not to say I won't go there again, just to say I won't scooter there at night when it's damp & 40 degrees outside. The sauce was fine, just not great. And it seemed a little doughy.


Still haven't tried Pizza Jerk's cast iron pan pizza, which sounds good in theory. Though as much as I love Bunk Sandwiches, Pizza Jerk is fine, but not great. To me. It's quite possible I'm not the target audience - I'm not looking for great experimentation - I'm looking for pizza with an Italian style sauce and familiar pizza type toppings. 


There was a rumor that Brian at Apizza was working on a Detroit pie and I very much want that to be true. (And then I want one or more of you to go with me to eat it).