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Farmhouse Kitchen 3354 SE Hawthorne

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#1 bwolff

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Posted 08 May 2017 - 11:35 AM

Enjoyed a very good meal at Farmhouse.  Hip Hop videos on website aside, decor in main room with a large communal table was Spartan, but stacks of Siam posters against wall hinted at more color in the future.  Dining rooms off main room had clean bauhaus look.  Noise level was comfortable and service was prompt and friendly.


We had:

"Mieng Kum Kung" (9.95) Crispy crusted tiger prawns, leafy green wrapped with a zesty mixture of lime, ginger, onion, roasted coconut & peanuts w/Tamarind sauce.  I liked this a lot.  Crust was crunchy, and prawns were plump and moist. The wrap demonstrated what I like about Thai food, bursts of flavor that are distinguishable.


Crispy Calamari  (9.5)Curry Battered Monterrey squid, spicy pepper, cilantro lime sauce. Not much to comment on here. Calamari was tender, curry in batter did not especially stand out.  The cilantro/lime sauce was different and a good addition.


Papaya Salad (9.75) Spicy hand shredded garlic, fresh chili, cherry tomato, Thai long beans. Dressing choices classic (dried shrimp and peanuts). Crab, fermented fish, or prawns are available proteins.  A good version of an old standby.


Pad Chinese Broccoli (9.5) Thai basil, garlic, fresh chili. We added crispy pork belly for protein, chicken, pork, beef, prawns, seafood available options.  Very tasty, with some of the pork belly dice "over crisped" which detracted from texture, but taste was on point.


Summary, a really excellent addition to Portland's Thai food scene. Dishes maintain the Kaleidoscope of flavors of the best Thai food, salty, spicy, sour, sweet without veerring into the muddle of flavors so common at more run of the mill restaurants. 

#2 crepeguy

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Posted 18 July 2017 - 09:43 AM

Has anyone else tried this place? I wanted to wait a bit until the buzz died down, then totally forgot about it until today-when PdxEater posted "Here's Where to Eat in Portland's Hawthorne District, Mapped." Farmhouse Kitchen wasn't mentioned on that list (as was noted in the comments section), which made me think about them again. Of course, there were other omissions on the PdxEater map: Farina Bakery, Chiang Mai, Rachel's GInger Beer, Chez Machin, among other's that stood out; but I really felt Farmhouse Kitchen was going to be a heavy hitter and worthy of being on a map that include Pho Dalat, Blue Star Donuts, and the Whole Bowl.

#3 ASquared

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Posted 21 July 2017 - 01:44 PM

I've given it a shot a few times and have not found anything that has impressed me enough to justify the elevated prices. Would never choose it over Chiang Mai.

#4 pwillen1

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Posted Today, 12:28 PM

that's how I feel about all the Thai food I've ever had in SF. Even the most well regarded.

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