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#1 Calabrese



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Posted 18 March 2012 - 09:50 AM

So I found this blog entry on making gnocchi. With Kurt Spak gone, I am thinking I may need to figure this beast out for myself.


Anyone else have a great (want the gnocchi to be light and airy not heavy and leaden) recipe for gnocchi?

#2 Sarah-SE Burbs

Sarah-SE Burbs
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Posted 19 March 2012 - 09:22 AM

Anyone else have a great (want the gnocchi to be light and airy not heavy and leaden) recipe for gnocchi?

After making several batches of gnocchi with the texture of pencil erasers, I found this Tyler Florence recipe They turn out great everytime. I think using baked potatoes is key since they have less moisture than bolied; plus the potato skins topped with some cheese and sour cream make a nice lunch the next day.

#3 tammi

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Posted 20 March 2012 - 07:09 AM

I was taught to make gnocchi by and Italian grandma back in the 80's. She did tell me about the type of potatoes she used in Italy, but in the US she used Russets. The most important thing was to get fresh potatoes, as in not dried out looking and to not use too much flour. This is the method I was taught and what I always use. the gnocchi is light and melts in your mouth like it should.

3 large russet potatoes baked at 400 for an hour
1 pat of butter
1 tsp white pepper
1 tsp salt
1 egg beaten
1 cup of flour

When the spuds are cooked, let them rest about 15 minutes then put them through a ricer and mix in butter, egg, salt and pepper. (Save the skins for a snack) Mix in flour 1/2 cup first, then gradually. Do not over mix, as you don't want them gluey. From my experience, too little flour and the gnocchi falls apart, but 1 cup is generally just about right. The method in your recipe, Calabrese shows the way to make the pillows perfectly. The recipe itself looks all wrong to me though! I usually cook the gnocchi first, and assemble with sauce, sprinkle with cheese and bake for about 15 minutes at 375 giving me time to get the rest of the meal ready.
Mmm it's likely going to be dinner tonight....

#4 HamSa

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Posted 20 March 2012 - 11:27 AM

3 lbs russet potato
2 cups flour
1 cup parm grated

Bake potato. Be sure to poke holes in them so they are dry & fluffy. Let potato cool. Once cool, cut in 1/2 & scoop out potato guts & rice them. Put guts, covered in frig overnight. The trick to gnocchi is cold potato. When you want gnocchi... put flour & parm w/ a good size pinch of salt & a smaller size pinch of nutmeg in mixer & mix. DO NOT put potato in first. Once flour mixture is mixed, put all potato in & mix till it forms a dough. It will be loose & crumbly for a while. DO NOT add any moisture. Have patience. Once you have a dough, slap ball around for a minute to get air out - air is what makes it fall apart. Slappin it around makes you feel good. Cut ball in 1/2. Then kinda roll out 1 1/2 and then cut that 1/2 in to fist size pieces. Roll each fist size peace into a log about 1" in diameter. Line all your logs up & cut 1" pieces. Into a pot of boiling water - rolling boil - put your gnocchi. do not over-crowd pot. Once pasta floats to surface IT IS OVERCOOKED. When you see first little pieces coming to surface take it all out.

In a skillet you should have your sauce going/started. Add gnocchi to sauce & don't be afraid to get a little of the pasta water in there. Plate it & go to town w/ more parm.

A friend of mine went to this culinary school in Italy & learned how to make this gnocchi there.

#5 slideinn1

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Posted 16 May 2012 - 10:06 PM

Being a chef I rarely use recipes at all, but here goes anyhow. I started making them Gluten Free which are way better then with flour.
They are much lighter and fluffier and don't get that gummy taste that regular gnocchi get.
1 lb potato
2 cup rice flour
1 cup potato starch
3 eggs
Since I am guesstimating you might need to play around with this recipe.
Boil the potatoes whole then place in the frig to cool. Best overnight, if they are even slightly warm they will turn out like chewing gum
as you process them in the mixer.Not a good thing for gnocchi.
Place the potatoes in a mixer add the above ingredients, incremental. Get a pot of water boiling.
Start rolling them out into 1" diameter logs, 12 inches in length, depending on how long of a spatula you have you can do about 5 rows of gnocchi logs.
Toss them after cutting with a small amount of rice flour to prevent them from sticking. Using a wide spatula transfer them into the boiling water.
I have read under other preparations to not let them boil, I recommend to let them simmer for at least several minutes once the gnocchi have risen to the top.
If you remove them right away without letting them simmer properly they will turn brown, unless you use them right away.
After they have been simmering use a large mesh spoon and place them in ice water. Once chilled they should be removed, placed in a strainer, and oiled when dry.