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Posted 10 February 2012 - 08:41 AM



SUSHI- they do have a lot of varieties, but if you are looking for authentic sushi, this is not the one for sure. TERIYAKI SAUCE ON ALMOST EVERY ROLL....
Cook food - horrible, don't even order! Especially Ramen, it is TOP RAMEN they even use the seasoning package that comes with it. If you have to go there, strictly go for sushi.


To all waiters/waitress out there, STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! They treated employees like SH*T and extremely racist.

When I first applied, they told me they can give me my desired hours which I told them is 15-25/per week. Not much to ask. After I got through training, they cut me down from 37 hours to only 8 hours....I had to call different locations to see if they can give me some hours. I quitted my previous job because I didn't get enough hours although the paid was quite good. They either overwork the employees, or no work at all. WOW. So this is how everything started.

They made me, a part-time server(also full time student) to work 4 different locations and my schedule was different every single week! They put you on schedules without telling you AT ALL, and it's your fault that you didn't show up! They even scheduled me to work at two different locations at the same time same day, or, scheduled me on the day I have school(which they should know because I always updated my school schedule in advance) And it was MINE responsibility to let the managers know that I can't work due to their mistakes. WHAT THE HECK. The managers don't give a sh*t about the restaurant and business. It'd happened several times that one chef didn't show up(result: only one guy working at the sushi bar, making sushi for 30 people at a time), and us part-time employees couldn't get a hold of any managers, or, they said it's too late they can't do anything about it(Because it was their day offs that day). In the meanwhile, customer bitched at us waitresses because the food took too long....it was really frustrated to work there.

They are franchise and owned by Koreans mostly, extremely bias on employees' races. When caucasian girls called in the last minute, and said that they can't make it to work for whatever reasons "oh my car broke down" "oh i have a family emergency" "oh i'm getting sick." (And two hours later the gal who was friends with me on facebook posted a location status indicating that she was hanging out with friends at a bar.)THEY MADE EXCUSES AND DID NOT SHOW UP ON THE SAME DAY EVERY SINGLE WEEK. Again, the manager didn't do SHIT about it, no warnings, no nothing, didn't even try to call other servers to cover. And when I got sick and called in, they told me "you HAVE TO come in, nobody can cover you!" All restaurant people know how hard it is when it's understaffed on a busy Saturday night, I had to deal with it EVERY SINGLE WEEK. On the racist issue, I am not just sensitive. My friend who worked there for 5 years has to deal with the same shit all the time, and she's Asian as well. This is very unfair.

THEY KEPT MESSING AROUND WITH MY SCHEDULES! When they needed me to work at a certain location, because of something that they did(got rid of someone they didn't want, and have me cover that spot,) they told me to give up my original schedules from a different location and work at the location they wanted me to work. At first they said it's just for two weeks, after two weeks, they said another two weeks, I ended up staying there for 3 months. Eventually, they found someone to cover that spot again, they just took me off the schedule without telling me at all and gave me a verbal notice on the last day "this is your last day at this location." and of course, they didn't give me my old schedule back. I was not scheduled for almost 2 weeks( they make schedules for two weeks at a time, by the time I knew that I didn't have any hours, it was too late to notify other locations because all the spots had been filled in.) So i had to fight for it, called and talked to different managers, got redirect to another person every single time. I tried so hard just to find a way to get some hours back so I could at least make of a living while going to college. After 5 months of working for this shitty company, I quitted for the reason of moving to a different state.

So i thought all my frustration withs MIO SUSHI will end once I quit. The fact is, no. They lost one of my last paychecks, again, I had to call and call and call different people and go to different locations/places to pick it up. FRUSTRATING!!! IT SHOULDN'T BE THAT HARD AT ALL!! And now it's the fun fact, since every location has a different owner, I will be getting 4 different W2s. I had to call each location separately to leave them my new address. Before I moved away, I even walked in to one of the locations and wrote down my new address for them so they can mail it to me since I won't be in town anymore, which they never DID(I KNEW IT)! I talked to one of the formal coworker last week, she said the W2s are out, so I talked to the woman whose in charge of these kind of things from that location, she said SHE DIDN'T KNOW WHERE MY W2 IS and redirected me to the owner (who is Korean and we all know he doesn't speak any English.) She also claimed that she doesn't even have that the owner's phone number nor want to do anything to help. This woman is Korean, I simply requested her to tell the owner who she gets to see him at least 5 days a week at work, to mail my W2 to my new address. (She didn't want to do anything about it BECAUSE SHE WAS ON HER BREAK. Wow.) My fiance got heated up, grabbed my phone and yelled at the lady.

THIS COMPANY IS EXTREMELY DISORGANIZED. TIPS is horrible because the company treats the employees so bad therefore nobody gives a shit about being professional. I had been in the restaurant industry for 5 years, this is the worst company i had ever worked at! We're planning to report them to better business bureau if they don't take any action on my W2 in 48 hours.

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Posted 10 February 2012 - 03:31 PM

Welcome to the site, Booooo. You might try Shameless Restaurants for posts like yours.

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Posted 14 February 2012 - 10:42 PM

Mio Sushi can be a very messed company to work for, that is true. But from the people I've known who've worked there, and continue to, I find it very hard to believe that they treat Caucasian employees any better than Asians. If anything, the opposite is true.

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Posted 05 March 2012 - 06:44 PM

It kills me that the Mio Sushi on Hawthorne appears to be making money hand over fist selling crummy sushi/Japanese food, while K2 Kabob and Kabobi couldn't make it two doors away with far superior food.