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Cuu Long Vietnamese Sandwiches

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Posted 30 May 2010 - 12:27 PM

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Saw this place a while back, probably not long after it opened. It's just north of Ocean City between Powell and Division on 82nd. They advertise their lottery games and I was pretty sure they didn't make their own bread, so I never gave it a try. However, I was on my way to Food4Less the other night around 11:45pm and noticed it was still open, so I decided to check it out.

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Menu is short. They have sandwiches filled with sardines, meatballs, pork loaf, BBQ pork, and the dac biet (combo). I think each is only $2.50. They also sell beer and sodas.

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I got the dac biet with sriracha added. Bread and meats were warmed in the toaster oven. The guy working, who was really nice and even made me a sandwich although he had put most of the ingredients away already, couldn't remember where they got the bread. It reminded me of Best Baguette's bread with a crackly, but soft, crust. Pickled veggies seemed a little past their prime, but it was the end of the night. Everything else was fresh. Commercial pate came through well and a little bit of maggi added some savoriness.

Great banh mi? No. Grateful that it's open until midnight? Hell, yeah. It's a solid sandwich and I've often wished there was a late night banh mi shop. I will certainly return here many times. Probably more than places like Best Baguette, An Xuyen, and Binh Minh, just because the competition is slim late night and it's often when I crave a sandwich.

Cuu Long Vietnamese Sandwiches
2922 SE 82nd Ave, Suite 103
Portland, OR 97266

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