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#155239 Meaty's Cupcakes

Posted by RadkeX5 on 31 January 2012 - 08:12 AM in Portland Carts & Trucks

Wow! So sorry about writing a great reveiw about one of our favorite places. We have no personal ties to Meaty's Cupcakes; just love it because it's so good. We just moved here from Nevada so food carts are something of an oddity to us. I wasn't trying to 'shill' as the various responses and personal e-mails suggest. Good grief! It's just food people! I can only post one review a day so I started with my favorite. What's so wrong with my post? I stated we loved the variety of flavors, the freshness, and the generous portion size. I'm sorry if this constitutes for a bad review. Perhaps my tone of professionalism was too much for you to handle? I apologize for my education and proper use of punctuation. For those who take their food way too seriously and don't believe my review, please feel free to call me. My name is Jessica Radke and my cell is 775-297-2051.

#155215 Meaty's Cupcakes

Posted by RadkeX5 on 30 January 2012 - 04:55 PM in Portland Carts & Trucks

We have eaten at Meaty's Cupcakes over twenty times now and there is good reason why! These cupcakes (and their frosting) are the best we've tasted in the city. Each day there is a different array of flavors from peanut butter to chicken and waffles! The portions are also huge, unlike some of their competitors, and the cupcakes are baked daily so they're super fresh! The cart is closed on Sunday and Monday so by Tuesday, we're CRAVING our usual tasty treats. That being said, we highly recommend Meaty's Cupcakes to anyone with a sweet tooth...trust us, it's the only thing that can satisfy your cravings!