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#166385 Traditional Indian Breakfast in PDX Area?

Posted by HamSa on 09 March 2014 - 05:38 PM in Restaurants in Portland

I'm looking for an Indian restaurant in the Portland are that serves traditional Indian breakfast items & is open for breakfast/brunch.  Unfortunately Bollywood Theater, East india Company, and Channai Masala don't do breakfast and they don't have the items on the lunch menu.


Indian breakfast options I'm looking for:

Aloo paratha, dosa, idli, upma, poha, khakhra, daliya, sabudana khichdi.



#165549 Little Big Burger

Posted by HamSa on 20 October 2013 - 12:34 PM in Restaurants in Portland

I went to the LBB on SW Bond Ave on Friday.  I waited 30 minutes for a cheddar bacon burger and fries.  And it wasn't busy.  My burger was overcooked - no pink anywhere.  The bacon was burnt.  The fries were the "dregs" - little bitty fry bits - and, yup, you guessed it, overcooked!  LOL  It sucked.  Not worth the wait or the money.

#164734 Hatch Restaurant & Bar by Killer Burger

Posted by HamSa on 21 June 2013 - 06:06 PM in Restaurants in Portland

Did they set the record for shortest lived restaurant in PDX?  

#164225 Hatch Restaurant & Bar by Killer Burger

Posted by HamSa on 25 March 2013 - 05:07 PM in Restaurants in Portland

OK.  Just say no.  Don't do it.  


First experience was this morning, a Monday, at 10am.  There were 8 people in our party.  The restaurant was not busy.  

The acoustics are just horrendous.  The noise levels on a slow Monday morning at 10am were so bad that you had to yell to speak to the person right next to you.  Forget holding a conversation w/ somebody across and/or diagonal.  Say your last words before you enter and spend your time at the table communicating via text messages.  

On a Monday at 10am they only had 2 biscuits left to serve.  Whaaat?  I know, right??!!

The presentation of all 8 breakfasts left a lot to be desired.  Sorry but I'm a firm believer that presentation enhances taste.  And the flavor - it just wasn't there - at all!  Not one person at the table was talking about how good their meal was.  Normally when you've got a bunch of people out to breakfast somebody is just going on about how wonderful something they have is.  Not this time.  Not a peep from anybody about how good anything was.  Even the coffee was bitter.

Some dishes that stood out (and not because they were good):
*The Chorizo & Eggs:  the chorizo looked like dog food.  It was just a large pile of ground mush off to one side of the plate.  bleh!  The looks on the faces of the people that ordered it was priceless.  Somebody said "Oh, I'm sure it tastes better than it looks."

*The Biscuits & Gravy: there was so much gravy that the plate resembled a baked enchilada.  You know?  It was unrecognizable as biscuits & gravy.  It was just a mound and a plate full of goo.  I mean, shit, it should have been served in a large soup bowl.

*The Chiliquiles: They were supposed to be this: "Crunchy corn tortillas layered with green chile rice, chile verde, 2 eggs  over medium & finished withcilantro-serrano-lime sauce & crema"  What ended up at our table was corn tortilla chips in the bottom of a skillet.  Then a flavorless white rice w/ cilantro in it. Dry shredded pork on top of that.  With 2 eggs on top of that.  And the smallest bit of some flavorless white sauce drizzled over that.  Chef Surprise?

They say family style service.  But the the dishes were definitely not set up for family style service.  One plate got dropped at everybody's place - they were not dropped in the middle of the table and there were no serving utensils and no empty plates to put any of the shared food in.  Let's move past that and let me ask you.... do you think it's realistic for 8 people to share a dish w/ 2 soft-centered eggs on it?  Every person gets one bite of egg, some people get a bit of yolk and others end up with whites only?  How satisfying is that?  (Don't bring Tasty n' Sons or Tasty n' Alder into the conversation)


Speaking of service, as I said before, it was a Monday at 10am, the restaurant was not busy.  It took over 30 minutes for 4 plates to come out to the table.  After the first 4 plates were dropped, The other 4 in the group waited another 15+ minutes for their plates to come out.  


I can say 2 positive things about HATCH.  It's got a lot of great, natural lighting.  And they do send out a perfect medium-runny egg.

Not someplace the group wants to go back to.

#164103 Hatch Restaurant & Bar by Killer Burger

Posted by HamSa on 16 March 2013 - 07:25 PM in Restaurants in Portland

Has anybody been to HATCH by Killer Burger yet?