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#130514 Simpatica/Laurelhurst Do Hawaiian

Posted by Bacchus6464 on 22 April 2010 - 10:33 PM in Restaurants in Portland

Mmmm, as an ex-Hawaii resident, I'll definitely be patronizing this place. Frankly much of the Hawaiian in town pretty bad compared to the best places in Hawaii - too much focus on the quantity and not on the quality.

WOW, as a 3rd generation Big I resident and from a (very broken) family of restaurant owners from Waimea, I am all about this happening!!!! We owned a place called the Red Water Cafe in Waimea which was bought and became Edelwiess. I hear new owners have bought the spot and have a kickin concept, so hopefully the guys can visit it. You got my support, if you need a wine list or booze program, just call me! I would do this one for free for the Ohana. Keep me posted. Much Aloha from our clan!

#118880 Fife

Posted by Bacchus6464 on 27 May 2009 - 09:54 PM in Restaurants in Portland

I worked with Marco's wife Julie long ago and she was always great. I totally get why they would move to NC and wish them well. Being from Hawaii I do miss diversity sometimes for my kids. Great luck and I hope they do fantastic!

Editorial in the O about Marco and his decision:  http://www.oregonliv..._end_closi.html

#118165 Roxy's Island Grill

Posted by Bacchus6464 on 16 May 2009 - 01:44 PM in Restaurants in Portland

How was it? Were always looking for food from back home!

Has anyone else tried? I searched, and didnt seem to find a thread or comments about about here.

Its off of cedar hills in beaverton, by sunset lanes.

After the other thread on Hawaiian food from ProneTH, I started craving a good chicken katsu. What ups the ante, too, is that i'm looking for a good place to get some good hawaiian food for a birthday party.

Kinda paranoid, but wanting to try KIG, i ventured out.  They are closed for catering from thurs to sat i think they said on a sign in the window. BAH.

Ive tried Aiea and Hapa, noho's, bamboo, maui camp 3. Havent tried Ohana's.

Roxy's was 2nd on my list for new places today.

I havent tried the food yet, though its sitting on my counter waiting to be consumed.

Went kinda crazy (dont laugh!), and picked up a plate lunch of : chicken katsu, shoyu chicken, locomoco, kahlua pork, teri chicken, kalbi wings, AND a teri beef burger.   :w00t:  They whole bill came out to 36. (5.5/plate and 3/burger)

Would love to hear if anyone else has tried.