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#156936 Best Mexican Food in PDX

Posted by Napzard on 28 March 2012 - 12:28 PM in Restaurants in Portland


Torta Ahogada at 7 Estrellas (11945 S.W. Pacific Highway, Tigard): A traditional Jalisco treat stuffed with roasted pork leg and smothered in a spicy red chili sauce

Pescado Zarandeado at Puerto Marquez (1721 S.E. 122nd Ave., Portland): Whole striped bass butterflied and glazed with red chili sauce, then grilled until lightly charred, served with vegetables and tortillas (best fish tacos in Portland metro area)

Molcajete at Nuevo Aranda's (550 N. First St., Woodburn): Basalt mortar bubbling with beef, chicken, shrimp and cheese in a red or green chili sauce served with housemade tortillas

Pollo al Carbon at Bora Bora (15803 S.E. Division St., Portland): A taco truck selling the favorite roadside eat of Mexico's Sinaloa state, grilled chicken

Barbacoa de Borrego in Oregon Flea Market (18340 S.E. Stark St., Gresham): Lamb, slow-cooked in maguey leaves (the plant used to make tequila), served with handmade tortillas and soup made with the drippings

Meat tacos at Taqueria Uruapan (851 S.W. First Ave., Canby): No better spot for the American taco truck cornucopia of asada, carnitas, al pastor, lengua and pollo

Cochinita Pibil from Tortilleria y Tienda de Leon (16223 N.E. Glisan St., Portland): The Yucatan's version of pulled pork swimming in an achiote and chili sauce

Camarones Zarandeados from Morelia Mexican Grill (5930 N.E. Fourth Plain Blvd., Suite 104, Vancouver): Whole shrimp, split and rubbed in chili sauce, then grilled

Tlayuda from Guacamole's Market (1335 N. Pacific Highway, Woodburn): A pizza-sized Oaxacan tostada slathered with beans and topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato and choice of meat

Tacos al Pastor from Taqueria Ochoa (943 S.E. Oak St., Hillsboro): Marinated pork sliced fresh from the vertical rotisserie into handmade tortillas

Thanks for the list Nick.  Nuevo Arandas is no more.  Cook retired last month, new restaurant is an El Salvadorean joint.  Something Carbonero.  But you can get Mojcajete at Puerto Marquez

#153351 Double Dragon

Posted by Napzard on 23 November 2011 - 11:37 AM in Restaurants in Portland

PE!!  My parents own a Lee's Sandwiches in Westminster, I'm sad that you've said that now.  Kidding man, I'm not a huge fan of their sandwiches either but I do have to support my parents when I'm down there.

#150361 Wafu

Posted by Napzard on 26 August 2011 - 01:03 PM in Restaurants in Portland

Nevermind me saying the egg was like the one at Fin's.  It's not.  Sorry.  My old pic:
Posted Image

#150359 Wafu

Posted by Napzard on 26 August 2011 - 01:01 PM in Restaurants in Portland

Ramen.  Egg is almost like the same consistency as when he was at fin and doing the 60 minute yolk.
Posted Image
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Wasabi Shrimp, Spicy Shrimp, and Edamame
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Really liked everything except for his Ramen.  I think it's trying to be complex when it should be kept simple.