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#60195 Lolo Tapas Bar - CLOSED

Posted by SportEater on 19 August 2007 - 05:06 PM in Restaurants in Portland

FYI, they opened on Wednesday.  We asked about a table, but they were really really crowded and didn't have room for our spontaneous group of 6 walking by.  Thursday looked busy, but there were a few tables available when we went by at about 7:30. (We were on our way elsewhere.)  Remember seeing a chalk board with some interesting sounding dishes, but I don't remember specifics, sorry.  Space looks nice, with a little bit of cramped outdoor seating on narrow Portland sidewalk.

#28510 Sable in PDX area?

Posted by SportEater on 15 November 2006 - 04:03 PM in Restaurants in Portland

Its "black cod" name isn't just a recent relabeling (like "chilean sea bass") to make it sound more appealing, true cod or not.  Sablefish does have a well-established history of being referred to as "black cod," assuming 1880 is history enough:

NMFS illustration

Yes, there's a South Pacific fish called a black cod, but if you've ordered black cod in a restaurant or purchased it in a store in the US, it's almost certainly been sablefish (vs. the South Pacific fish).  

Remember, to impress everyone around you, and make sure they know you're a true foodie, you should always order in Latin. ;)

#27372 Yakuza

Posted by SportEater on 02 November 2006 - 01:50 PM in Restaurants in Portland

On the beer topic, I haven't been inside yet, but I'd swear I saw a Hitachino White tap at the bar on one of my frequent walks by the place.  

I didn't notice if it's actually hooked up to anything.

#22394 K2 Kebab

Posted by SportEater on 01 September 2006 - 12:33 PM in Restaurants in Portland

The samosas are really good.  They're light and crispy, and the interior is very flavorful, and not at all heavy or dry.  They're every bit as good as Nick's photo makes them look.

I've tried the garlic naan and plain naan, and didn't like them very much.  They didn't have a crackly, bubbly exterior, and almost seemed more like pita bread.  Also, the plain naan seemed to have an odd flavor that reminded me of pancake batter.

I love that the (good, plentiful, free) mint and tamarind chutneys arrive at the table in squeeze bottles.  Much better than paying for a miniscule thimbleful of the stuff.

Had the saag paneer, which was rather chunky, and a pleasant change from the more typical pureed variety, but we agreed that it seemed to be missing something.  (Maybe a few tablespoons of ghee!? :) )

Chai's been available the 3x we've been there, but they only mentioned it twice -- maybe they just forgot to tell you about it?  It's self-serve off to the side of the counter.

#22311 London, Paris, Rome, oh my!

Posted by SportEater on 31 August 2006 - 09:10 PM in Restaurants & Bars Elsewhere

In Rome, a few of my favorite relatively low-profile, non-touristy, but excellent places to eat were:

Sora Margherita, in the Jewish Ghetto.  Miniscule closet of a restaruant with no sign, and the best (whole, fried) artichokes I've ever had.  Really good fried cod one time, too.  It used to be fairly unknown, but I hear that they've gotten lots of touristy press, and it's a long long wait to get in.

Cacio E Pepe.  I think this is just the nickname of the place, since it's their signature dish, and it's really good, as is everything else I had there.  It's in the far North, kinda East/Northeast of the Vatican.  Small neighborhood place on the corner, nice outside seating.  It's either on Via Giuseppe Ferrrari or Avezzana I think.

Faggiani.  A small breakfast bar with absolutely fantastic coffee and pastries, even for Rome.  Really.  It's very close to Piazza Mazzini, again E/NE of the Vatican.

If you're a coffee pilgrim, there's a famous place called Sant Eustachio near the Pantheon that makes excellent coffee, but it's, like, crazy busy and touristy.  One oddity was that your cappucino or latte would come pre-sweetened unless you requested otherwise.  It took me two visits to figure this out.  If you don't like your coffee heavily sweetened, better make sure you order it without sugar the first time, cause it will take forever to get another!

That's a lot of ground to cover in two weeks!  Please post a report when you return, I think there are more than a few of us who long to dine vicariously.  :w00t: