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#38554 Bagels

Posted by backyardbrickoven on 23 February 2007 - 01:09 AM in Restaurants in Portland

Last summer I built an Alan Scott style brick oven in my backyard to make Neapolitan pizza, desem bread, and most recently Montreal style bagels.  I'm not an expert baker (ala Alan Scott, Ken Forkish, Brian Spangler, Cathy Whims), but friends tell me my bagels are pretty incredible.  The bagels are boiled in honey-water, coated with sesame seeds, then wood-fired in my brick oven.  I've never been to Montreal or had a St. Viateur bagel and really wasn't much of a bagel fan until I made my first batch of bagels...the sight, sound, and smell of toasting, popping sesame seeds in a wood fire is magical.  Now I crave them.  If anybody wants, I can try to make some for your bagel quest on Monday.  I'm quite busy, but if you let me know where and when you plan to rendezvous, I can get my family to help me bake some bagels and then bring them hot to you.  I'm in Beaverton so if you're out near My Favorite Muffin, I could easily hook up near there.

Carpe bagel!