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#134715 Bread & Ink

Posted by EatinMachine on 23 July 2010 - 08:48 AM in Restaurants in Portland

Because he's right... ;)

Maybe this explains why there about 10 regular commenters on this board? :lol:

#134713 Bread & Ink

Posted by EatinMachine on 23 July 2010 - 07:14 AM in Restaurants in Portland

These people make everything themselves; housemade bread, catsup, jam, you name it. And it's all delicious. The restaurant is open and comfortable. Nothing fancy, but the type of place you'd like to spend a lazy afternoon. They have eclectic decor that doesn't feel too put-togehter, and open picture windows where you can watch the hipsters parade down Hawthorne in their ironic haircuts and vintage attire. They offer free drink refills, even if it's a shirley temple or an iced coffee, and we like that. Not to mention - hello huge portions and small prices. They have a diverse menu that gives you options, but not so many that you'd have to worry about grandma and grandpa soiling their depends whilst trying to figure out what to order. Bread and Ink is the perfect blend of comfy, stylish, fulfilling, and delicious.

Abbe's overall review: Huevos Rancheros. I loved my meal! It was perfect in every aspect and exactly what I look for in a classic Huevos Rancheros dish. Although our server was a little overly excited to get us out the door, I give Bread and Ink a solid hell yeah and a fist bump. Chapeau!

Jebby's overall review: Curried Chicken Salad. Bread & Ink didn't blow my socks off, but it's not the type of place you go if you want to leave sockless. You return to a place like Bread & Ink because it's comfortable and easy to make a habit of. I'd go back, but I suggest you look elsewhere if you're searching for an exceptional meal.

well if you are eating your way thru portland, and you loved bread and ink, you are gonna really love a real restaurant when you get to one.

I call food snob on you.  Bink might not be the best restaurant in Portland, but it does some things well.  Really, why comment if all you do is comment on the poster, not your experience with the restaurant?

#134650 Jam on Hawthorne

Posted by EatinMachine on 21 July 2010 - 01:37 PM in Restaurants in Portland

I've never had what I could call out and out bad service at Jam. Semi-indifferent yes, but 98% of the time it's just fine. One thing you didn't mention was that Jam has THE BEST hashbrowns ever. Seriously, if you want an amazing stick-to-yer-ribs breakfast try Ty's Big Breakgast. 2 eggs any style on an english muffin smothered in vegetarian sausage gravy with hashbrowns. I get cravings. My only complaint and it's a minor one, is that I'm not crazy about their coffee.

Couldn't agree more about the Ty's.  That's my go to at Jam.  But I disagree about the coffee.  It's strong and hot, just the way I like it.  I live about 5 blocks from here and for the longest time you could show up on a weekend at 10 and sit right down.  No more.  If you're not sitting by 8:30, you'll be waiting.  I hate to wait for breakfast.

#133759 Slugs (And Ants) Are Eating My Strawberries

Posted by EatinMachine on 30 June 2010 - 08:30 AM in Shopping, Growing & Foraging

I gave up on growing strawberries on the ground.  Slugs won.  But I did put some in pots and thought that just might do the trick.  But one day I look out at the strawberry pot and sitting on the arm of an outdoor chair next to the pots is a squirrel.  And damn if that critter didn't jump in the pot, pick off an unripe berry, jump back on to the chair and eat it up.

#130823 Recommendations for Kitchen Counters/Sinks and Installer

Posted by EatinMachine on 30 April 2010 - 02:17 PM in General Food Discussion

We redid our kitchen (IKEA cabinetry and faces) a few years ago, and because of budget and time issues, I went with IKEA stock countertops and a small(er), simple stainless steel sink.

I want to updgrade my counters - most likely something on top of the existing countertops? - and get one of those large farm sinks. I would want to pay someone who is good at this stuff.

My kitchen has a basic U-shape and the amount of countertop that needs to be recountered is not too large.

Looking for recommendations for a craftsperson who can install the counter tops and sink, and other recommendation for countertops and sinks themselves

We installed Slatescape counters when we remodeled 4 years ago.  While I love the feel of of material and the "green" cred they have, we've found slatescape needs regular maintenance with the application of tongue oil.  We just aren't with that program.  We had them sanded last month and reoiled and they look pretty good again.  And we really do intend to the monthly application of oil, but who knows.  

Without that constant attention, the counters get pitted where ever there's water or lots of food prep.

We got them from what is now EcoHaus.  I'm not sure if they still carry it.

#128126 Voodoo Doughnuts

Posted by EatinMachine on 24 February 2010 - 08:14 AM in Restaurants in Portland

[quote name='Jill-O' date='Feb 24 2010, 07:47 AM' post='128124']
Or a wedding, they do them there...

I've walked by the original location 3 times in the last month on a Saturday afternoon and each time the line stretched down the street.  It's clearly a destination.  I can't comment on the donuts themselves because believe it or not, I've never had one.